Where are you from جواب

You are from Germany? Are you from Germany? Q همیشه در صورت تمایل به دادن جواب کوتاه فقط از کلمه yes یا no استفاده نکنید چرا که گستاخانه به نظر می رسد. You should say: what it is; when you first had this ambition; why you had this ambition; what you have done to achieve it; and explain why you haven’t achieve it yet

    الشيخ ايمن سويد سورة ق
  1. you almost poked me in the eye with your pencil
  2. We included the audio as well
  3. 4 Describing where you live
  4. Hi, Pablo, this is Amber Fox
  5. My hometown is Gandhinagar, India
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  7. فرام؟
  8. It goes to show how judgmental and narrow-minded some people can be
  9. Dec 22, 2017 · درس اول زبان هشتم – ملیت
  10. Where are you from جواب - أنا من المغرب
  11. أنت من أين
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